Review: Dueba/G&G Natural 3 Tones Gray Lens

Hello everyone~ ^^
Today,I will be doing a review for my new pair of lens that I got from (

This company sells variety range of circle lenses.
They have so many designs to pick!! And they ship WORLDWIDE!! =) 
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Now moving on to the lens...
I've been searching a lens that is kinda similar to Geo Tri Color and then I found this lens.
This lens are produced by Dueba/G&G. 
Most of the lenses that I owned are from GEO & EOS. 
Actually this is my first pair of lens that is from Dueba/G&G.
So I was very excited to try this out!
Here's the lens~

(The package!! Hooraaaaaaay~!! ^o^)

(The Packaging was awesome!!-- my pair of lens & cute animal lens case)


Lens info:
Brand: Dueba/G&G
Type: Natural 3Tones
Color: Gray
Diameter: 14.5mm
Origin: Korea

And here's my picture wearing the lens~ :3

I'm really INLOVE with this lens. (seriously!lol)
Lately, I've been using circle lenses that makes my eye looking larger, and now, I want something that is really fits my eye and looks more natural to wear. So I decided to get this lens which is not that larger compare to my other circle lenses. It says that the diameter of the lens is 14.5mm which is same as the most circle lens. But if you can notice, its kinda 14mm to me. But since Im not looking into the size or diameter of the lens, this is perfect. I guess this lens are pretty new to their collection. Im looking for the reviews but I havent seen one, so yeah! I guess this one is new. lol

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I had wore this lens for like 6 hours and its very COMFORTABLE.
For my eyes, its doesnt dries out easily. But if you want to wear this more than 6hrs, maybe put some few eye drops on it. :)

This are very dramatic in color. I really love the combination. theres a dark grey-ish color on the outer part, and mixture of gray & kinda yellow-ish on the inner part. My eyes are solid brown but the color of the lens blends really nice on me. 

This lens wont give you enlargement. The lens are almost same size as your own eyes.
So for those who wants their eye looking larger, this one is not for you. But for those who wants a natural looking eyes, this one is definitely for you. :)

Like what I said, Im really INLOVE with this lens! I love everything about it! haha :))
It gives you sophisticated look, and I think this lens is perfect especially for night . the color really shows but still looking natural. and I would say this lens is wearable in every occasion. DEFINITELY, MUST HAVE!!! AND I RECOMMEND IT!!! =)

So thats my review of this lens..
I hope you like my post..
Feel free to ask question just comment down below :)
Have a great day ahead.

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