Palty Bleach Hair dye Review.

Few days ago, I dyed my hair using this product called Palty.
I went to drugstore to buy some stuff and I found this product and I wanted to try it!!
So I bought one and I choose Palty Bleach in Gold Brown.

Here's the product.
( Front )

( Back )

( Inside the box )

I did not dye my hair all by myself. Instead my sister Maiko did it!! LOL =))
Thanks to her~
Okay, here's my hair before..

We followed the instruction written on the box.
And after applying the hair color, we wait about 30 mins. 
and finally.. tadaaaa~ my hair color turns into gold brown!! LOL :))


I was pretty impressed with this product!!
Now, I was able not to go to salon to dye my hair..
The Palty costs only 700yen.. much much cheaper than going to salon to dye your hair!!
So dont hesitate to try this product! 
Just follow the instruction inside and it will work for sure~ 
I recommend this product to everyone who wants to dye their hair without spending lots of money.. 

I hope you like this review..
See you on next blog!!~ ^^


  1. 700yen? That's like almost 400 only! Palty hair products here in the Phils. are really overpriced! O_O