Palty Bleach Hair dye Review.

Few days ago, I dyed my hair using this product called Palty.
I went to drugstore to buy some stuff and I found this product and I wanted to try it!!
So I bought one and I choose Palty Bleach in Gold Brown.

Here's the product.
( Front )

( Back )

( Inside the box )

I did not dye my hair all by myself. Instead my sister Maiko did it!! LOL =))
Thanks to her~
Okay, here's my hair before..

We followed the instruction written on the box.
And after applying the hair color, we wait about 30 mins. 
and finally.. tadaaaa~ my hair color turns into gold brown!! LOL :))


I was pretty impressed with this product!!
Now, I was able not to go to salon to dye my hair..
The Palty costs only 700yen.. much much cheaper than going to salon to dye your hair!!
So dont hesitate to try this product! 
Just follow the instruction inside and it will work for sure~ 
I recommend this product to everyone who wants to dye their hair without spending lots of money.. 

I hope you like this review..
See you on next blog!!~ ^^

With & Without Eye Makeup!

Hello Everyone!
Im so sorry for not updating my blog recently.
I was so busy since I got home from Philippines~ -_-
I was thinking what should I post first on my blog since I have lots of things that I want to share with
you guys!!~ :)

Anyway, here's my With & Without eye make up look.

Yes. I know its a huge difference between my two eyes! LOL =))
Let me share what product that I use in this eye makeup.

I use:
KATE Gradical Eyes (BR-2)
Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Black)
Elianto Eye Primer
Diamond lash (Upper: Glamorous eyes)
Diamond lash (Lower: Proncess eyes)

See you on my next blog~

Make up Collection & Storage.

Finally we made our YouTube channel!!
If you want to subscribe click HERE or go to this link:
This channel was collaboration of me and my sister Mhaiko.
We are glad to share our Makeup tutorial, Hair tutorial, Nail tutorial, Hauls, Reviews & Vlogs.

Our first video is the Make up Collection & Storage.

I hope you like our first video,
We will upload & update our channel soon!!

See you on next blog~

Review: Maquillage

I'm using this foundation over a year now and I love it!
At first, I bough their face pressed powder and I really love it. So, I decided to try the liquid foundation as well.

Here are the products..



Here's the review of each item..

Perfect Remake Compact:
This pressed powder comes in a cute round jewel-shaped silver pink compact with 2 compartments, one for the puff, one for the refill. Actually you will buy the case and the pressed powder separately. The powder is very good. It has a medium coverage and matte finished (no any shimmer). You can either use the puff or brush to apply this powder. And I suggest not to apply to much or else your face will become cakey. This powder is perfect to set your foundation as well.

Lasting Liquid UV:
This foundation comes with a hygienic pump in a 30g vacuum sealed plastic container. This foundation has a medium to full coverage. Also this foundation tends to be quite thick and creamy.


I do find the shades quite yellow/orange and the matte finish looking. For those having dry skin like me beware! because there are no moisturizing properties with this foundation.  So if you are dry skin, put moisturizer on your face before applying this foundation. This foundation is better for oily skin because it can gives you a matte finish with a good staying powder.

That's for my Maquillage review.
I hope this review was helpful to all of you.
See you on my next blog..