Quick & Lazy Makeup.

Yesterday, me and my boyfriend went out to meet the seller of EMET beauty shop to get my orders.
After I got the items, my boyfriend's family invited us to go shopping and eat dinner with them..
I had no time to get myself fix. So, I decided to do this LAZY makeup. LOL =))

Here's my look..

( Tadaa~! And my LAZY makeup! looks so different without contact lenses on! LOL. )

( Oops! cant focus my cam to my face that well.. sorry. )

How to achieve this look? Its super EASY and FAST!

1. Prime your face. (I used Missha BB cream for primer.)
2. Put your foundation. (I used Revlon colorstay foundation in 250 fresh beige.)
3. Define your brows. 
4. Put eyeshadow. 
5. Line your eyes using black eye liner.
6. Curl your lashes and put mascara.
7. Add some blush on your cheeks.
8. Put your red lipstick on your lips.! and ur DONE!!
Hope you like my Lazy Makeup!

Haul: Elf

Few days ago, while checking my Facebook account, I found this online beauty shop called EMET. And I found that they have the Elf Encyclopedia and Elf Studio powder brush that I was looking for!!
Unfortunately, here in Philippines even they have some Elf outlet in some malls, they dont sell this two item.
So, I ordered and I got this items yesterday! 
And I also bought this online the Elf Studio Stipple brush from online shop called Vanity kit.

(I used my stipple brush already. LOL)

( Inside the Elf Eye Encyclopedia.)

( Swatch of the palette. Sorry for the quality of the picture bit blurry but I hope you can still see the colors.)

Since the items are new, I'm still not using them except the Elf studio stipple brush. I`ll do the review of each item soon..

Links for the online shop that I mentioned above:
EMET Beauty Shop:
Vanity Kit:

So that`s my Elf haul.,
Keep updated for next blog. 
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See you on next blog :)


Review: Drugstore foundations.

Recently, I am collecting different kind of drugstore foundations that many beauty blogger and YouTube guru's using, so I read and watch some of their reviews about it and I am wiling to try them out.


I got:
1. Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation. (225)
2. Loreal Magic Smooth Souffle. (518 Natural Buff)
3. Revlon Photoready. (008 Golden Beige)
4. Revlon Colorstay Normal/Dry Skin (250 Fresh Beige)
5. Loreal True Match Super-Blendable Makeup (Neutral: N3 Natural Buff)

And here's the swatch for each foundation..

(L-R: Revlon Photoready, Revlon Colorstay, Loreal True Match, Loreal Magic Souffle, Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless.)

So here are the review of each foundations..

Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation: This foundation comes in a round compact with a sponge applicator under the main foundation compartment. It is swirled with color and white Olay serum that is supposed to hydrate, de-age, and make mature skin look younger. When choosing a shade, remember that the actual shade will be lighter than what you see in the compact. When the color is swirled together with the white Olay stuff, it become much lighter.
Okay, now my opinion for this product. I have a dry skin, sensitive, and acne prone skin. I like the SPF22, the Olay serum that is supposed to improve your skin, the smoothness on the skin when I applied it. However, this product is super matte and dull. So, you can see your face cakey after a few hours wearing this foundation. So I recommend for those having dry skin to use just a small amount or else your face will be very cakey. Maybe this foundation works better for oily skin than dry ones.

Loreal Magic Smooth Souffle: This foundation was just released recently and I ordered this online and their product is authentic from US. This foundation comes in a pretty cute glass container jar. This one can compared to Maybelline dream matte mousse. This product has a truly air whipped consistency to it. It applies very smoothly onto the skin and is easy to blend. However, If you have spots or acne scars like me, I recommend use concealer. Because this foundation is very light and doesn't cover spots and scars that much. And if you also have dry skin like me moisturize first your skin well because this foundation is super matte. You don't want your face to look drier. This foundation is better for oily skins. 

Revlon Photoready: This foundation is comes in a little glass container/bottle with pump in it. Many beauty bloggers and YouTube gurus said that it is comparable to Makeup forever HD foundation but way too far cheaper! I love this foundation because it gives you a flawless look on your face and this foundation claims to be oil-free and fragrance free with SPF20. This foundation works on dry skin like me and for those who has oily skin too but this foundation gives you a dewy finish so those with oily skin should probably refrain. The thing some people dont like about this foundation is that it has a shimmer on it. So who those dont like foundation that has shimmers this one is not for you. But for me, the shimmer really dont show up on my face so I really like this foundation.

Revlon Colorstay (Normal/Dry Skin): This foundation is comes in a little glass conainer/bottle without pump. If other people dont like the Revlon photoready, they may love this Revlon colorstay. I love this foundation because like what other people say, it can last all day long and also gives you medium to full coverage with SPF15. The only thing that I dont like about this foundation is that it has no PUMP. Thats why its kinda mess and you waste some amount of it. But so far, it's a great foundation for everyone who has dry skin. For those who have oily skin you must buy the combination/oily ones.

Loreal True Match Super-Blendable Makeup: This foundation comes in little cute glass bottle without pump. This one has wide range of colors that you can choose from cool-warm tone. I like this foundation because like what the foundation says its super blendable and can gives you a dewy and fresh face look. When applying this you only needs small amount to get medium to full coverage. Unfortunately like the Revlon colorstay it has no PUMP, so the bottle will force you to pour out a boatload if you're not careful. But so far this foundation works really well.

So thats it !!
I am not a PROFESSIONAL Beauty guru or blogger. Im just sharing my opinions for each product that I mentioned above.

I hope this review can help you to choose your right foundation.
See you on my next blog..


Simple Bronzy Makeup..

Yesterday, we went out with my sister and her bf to get my plane ticket back to Japan.
And I did my Simple bronzy look make up. >.<
Here's my look..

(Big eyes!! LOL)
(Wink! ^.~)

Here's the eye make up..

And the products that I use in this look..

 Missha Perfect Cover BB cream.
 Revlon Photoready foundation ( 008 Golden beige )
 Diamond Puff  Face Powder ( Princess face )

 Kate Gradical Eyes Eyeshadow (BR-2)
 Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner ( Deep black )
 Cosmagic Lock on brow liner ( Brown )
 Nichido Eye Pencil ( Black )
 Diamond Upper lash ( Glamorous eye )
 Diamond Lowe lash ( Princess eye )

 Fresh Cherry Tint by Etude house ( Cherry pink )
 KATE lipstick ND

 EOS Candy series ( Brown )

Hope you like my Simple Bronzy look.. <3

Mhaiko's birthday party @ Enchanted Kingdom!!

Last January 16, We went to Enchanted Kingdom at Sta. rosa laguna to celebrate Mhaiko's Birthday ( my sister )!! We had soo much fun that day even we really don't have enough time to sleep before we went to EK. Haha!!
We dont have our own car so we decided to take a bus. ( Poor us! LOL ) However, that doesn't matter at all because we enjoyed the whole trip to laguna..

( Mhaiko, Jemz & Me inside the bus. )

Its almost 2hrs bus ride to EK and we're lucky because there is no traffic that time.. yaay!!
We arrived at EK around 10am but its not yet open so we waited there untill 11am!
( @ the entrace of EK! )
( Me & My BF Miko )
( Jemz < Mhaiko's BFF> )
( Mhaiko & Her BF Linus )

After 1hr of waiting, finally we got inside!! LOL!!...
There are so many people @ EK that time.. obviously its SUNDAY!! haha
Here are some of our pictures inside EK.
( @ Anchors away..)
( @ anchors away.. )
( @ Jungle log jam.. )
( after we ride jungle log jam..)
( Still bit wet after we ride it!! haha )

After a few hours of riding different rides, we went to where the space shuttle is and meet this pretty gal name Yapo & her BF Bryan.
( Yapo & her BF Bryan )
( Us while waiting to ride space shuttle )

After we ride it, we decidet to take a rest @ lounge and luckily we met the band called BLOOMFIELDS!!
At first, I really dont know that they are quite popular here in Philippines. Haha :))
Then my Bf told me that they are popular in playing vintage songs like beetles etc.
( Jemz & Yapo taking picture with Bloomfields drummer)

After their show, were thinking what ride we are going ride next.. haha :))
(Somewhere while walikng and finding rides)

And we decided to ride again the anchors away & flying fiesta! haha :))
( Us @ flying fiesta )
(Us @ flying fiesta)

I really had fun at mhaiko's birthday!! I last visit EK a couple of years back. and still EK was the best!!
Thanks to Mhaiko's friend Jemz, Yapo and Bryan for the happy time we spend at EK..
and for my sister Mhaiko, Happy birthday and God bless more birthdays to come for you!! 

Dinner @ Trinoma with GFs!!

I enjoyed my dinner night out with my friends last December 28 @ Trinoma..
I had soo much fun meeting them after a year.. ^^.
They are like my SUPER FRIENDS since HS days.. So I decided to meet them while Im in vacation in Philippines.. 

Here's are some of our pictures taken by JAMIE LEE BUSTINERA ( Our cameraman. JOKE ^^v . My "TIBO" FRIEND.)

( Me, Rezzie, Lhuz, & Helen )
( Our Food : Carbonara, Baked Mac, Pizza )
( Meet my SUPER FRIENDS!! )
( Outside of the restaurant. My lovely BF in middle.)

I wasn't able to tell them how happy I am that night, 
they're totally made my day!! I miss them so much!! ^^.