Review: BBroom Triple Wave Iron

Hello everyone~!!
Few days ago I got my package from BBroom Luluan.
I found them on 
They sell variety of wigs and hair extensions too. 
But this time, since I already bought some wigs & extension from Aquadoll,
I bought a Wave Iron from them :) 
Here's the product:

I am looking for hair waver that cost not too much.
My sister bought her wave iron from Beni and it cost almost 8000yen. (More like 80USD)
Thats tooo EXPENSIVE >.< 
And then I found this online shop!! their wave iron cost only 3800yen!!!!(40USD)
Thats almost half price of the Beni triple wave iron.

Okay now move on to the iron, 
I would say this isn't bad! actually it works same as the Beni one!
Maybe the Beni wave iron looks fancier compare to BBroom wave iron, 
but it works same. =)

(Wavy hair~ LOL! I used BBroom Triple Wave Iron)

I would say this is a great wave iron! 
Its very affordable and a great buy!! You must check out their site!! =)

I hope you like my post!
See you next!!
Have a great day ahead~ 

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