Today is his Birthday!!

Hello everyone~^^
Its been awhile since my last blog post..
I'm so busy @ work lately..
Today is such a special day for my lovely boyfee MIKO~ <33 
Yes! today is his BIRTHDAY!! yaaay~!!

Meet my BF Miko our birthday celebrant!! <3 

But sad part of his birthday is that,,
we can't celebrate his birthday together because we live far from each other..
He lives in the Philippines and I live in Japan..
Yes! we're LDR for 2 years!! 
I don't know what should I do for his birthday
so I decided to took a picture of myself holding a birthday sign for him! LOL :)) 
and thats my primary picture on my Facebook right now. LOL =))
I know its kinda effortless.. 
But of course I have a gift for him too.. (but it is a SECRET for a moment..)
So here's my photos :p



So thats it!
I just want to share it to you guys~
I'll post Month of May favorites on my next blog..
See you guys soon~^^

My Everyday Simple Gyaru Makeup Tutorial..

This is my Everyday Makeup Tutorial..
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Products that I used:
- Skin 79 Beblesh Balm Gold Collection
- Candy Doll Foundation (01)
- Melliesh Mineral Powder
- Canmake Cream Cheek (03 Strawberry whip)
- Melliesh Blush (03 Doll pink)

- Dolly Wink Eyeshadow (01 Brown)
- Dolly Wink Liquid Eye Liner (Deep Black)
- Dolly Wink Mascara (Volume)
- Dolly wink Cream Shadow (01 Gold)
- Jewewrich Lash (01)
- Lavshuca Eye Primer Stick

- Canmake Melty Nude Lip (03)
- Canmake Nudy Glow Rouge (03)

I hope you like this tutorial..
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OOTD: 05/05/11 Echigo Hillside Park.

OOTD: 05/05/11

Today we went to New Nagaoka town at Echigo Hillside Park to see the Tulip Flower Festival.
Today is the last day of golden week which is 子どもの日 (Children's day) so there's a lot of people who visit to see the festival..
Here are some of the pictures..



Beautiful Tulip flower.. soo pretty..

My lunch.. SUSHI~ yummmmm~ <3

Tamagoyaki sushi~ nomnomnom~


Pictures taken by my sister Maiko..





Me, my mom & our dearest friend Kenopee~

Me & Kenopee..

Here's the pictures taken by Kenopee..

Me & my sister Maiko..


So that's my post of the day..
I hope you like my blog..
See you soon~

OOTN: 05/03/11 Dinner @ Gyu-Kaku.

OOTN: 05/03/11

Last Tuesday, We went to Gyu-Kaku which is also a barbecue house for our dinner..
Gyu-Kaku is known for its unique form of dining in which the customers are involved in the cooking process of grilling their own food. Each table has a charcoal brazier built in and is equipped with tongs for cooking.
This place is one of my favorite restaurant to eat!
The restaurant is bit pricey but its worth the food.
I really love the place.. :)

Here are some of the pictures..

(Grilling the beef~ yuummmm~)

(Let's eat!! bibimbap & Karubi~)

(Regular bibimbap..)

Nomnomnomnom~ :p

So I hope you like my post..
See you on next blog

OOTD: 05/01/11 & Shopping haul.

We went ドンキ for shopping today!! :)
I bought some clothes for spring and some new makeups.. yaaay!!
Here's my look of the day..

And my Shopping haul..


Check my Haul Video here.. :)

I hope you like my post..
See you on my next blog..