A day in Nagaoka & Shopping Haul.

OOTD: 03/06/11
( Blured >.< )

Yesterday we went in Nagaoka with my sister Maiko, my mom & Kenopee our friend.
My sister went to salon while us went in Apita & 2nd street shop.
I bought some bunch of makeups, a bag from P&D and a new CAMERA~ ^^


For makeups: I bought Revlon Photo Ready in shell, Revlon Colorstay in sand beige, Canmake cream blushes in 03 & 05, Majorlica Majorca Puff de Cheeks in OR302, Pore Putty in clear, Cosmagic brow liner in light brown & Dolly wink liquid liner in deep black.

First I went in Revlon outlet, I was actually planning to buy only colorstay foundation because I heard that the  revlon colorstay here in japan has a pump not like my other colorstay doesn't have a pump on it. Yes! it was pretty cool knowing that colorstay here in japan has a pump! thumbs up for that. Then I saw photo ready I was kinda shock when I saw that the shades are pretty different than my own photo ready. I have photo ready in golden beige but I bought another one in shell. Yes! its way lighter than my golden beige. But here, the shell is actually same shade as natural beige I'd say. LOL.
Then I went in Canmake outlet, Canmake is cheaper than other brands but has a great quality. The packaging of the makeups are pretty simple but cute. The pigmentation of the product is soo great! very pigmented! I bought 2 cream blush & a duo highlighter. Love! <3
After that, I saw the limited collection of Majorlica Majorca Puff de Cheeks. They have 3 shades available pink, orange & a highlighter. I bought the orange one. The packaging is soo pretty and unique! the blush is soo pigmented! the blush is comes with a cute puff. Great!! <3
Then I bought a new Dolly wink eye liner and a Cosmagic brow liner. I was running out of it so I bought a new one.. Then I saw a Primer which is a perfect dupe for smash box primer which is Putty Pore in clear. It has a small tube compared to smash box primer but the product is almost same. love it!! <3
I spend 10820yen for my makeup stuffs. Kinda pricey but worth it! :)

For my bag: I was looking for a new bag for everyday use. Then I went in Pinky & Dianne's boutique. I was so lucky because I found this cute bag on sale which is 20% off!! great deal. It costs like 5000yen. Love <3

Then after buying all this stuffs, we decided to go 2nd street shop which is beside in Apita mall.
In that shop, there's a lot of cheap stuffs. They are selling gadgets, clothes, shoes, jewelries, accessories, music instruments & etc. I bought my new camera in this shop. Actually I don't have any plans to buy a new compact camera because I will buy my SLR by next month.
Okay, let me share a short story why I bought this camera :)
I was actually looking for DSLR camera, while finding a great deal for SLR camera section, I saw this compact camera selling on 9000yen (90USD) they have it 2 stocks displayed. the other one is in 19000yen (190USD) so I was curious why the other is more pricey than other one even in same model. So I asked the store staff, the staff said that it is a mistake. The real price is 19000 (190USD) but since the other pair stated as 9000yen, he said that they will sell it same as the price tagged. I was like OMG!! so I decided to buy it! and I saved 10000yen (100USD) for this camera. Im soo lucky~ ^^

Then after a long day for shopping~
We decided to have dinner in stake house..

( my dinner. yumm~ )

( my soup. cornpotage~ <3 )

I enjoyed my looong day for family bonding and shopping!!
I was completely HAPPY! ^^.
While heading home from Nagaoka, we stopped at Donky for buying some groceries..
Me and my sister went in Daiso for buying some deco for my cam.
After we got home, I started decorating my new cam~
Here's the finish product..

( kawaii~ ^^ )

So thats my blog of the day..
I hope you like it.. 
See you on next blog~


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