November Haul

Happy November to everyone~ =)
Today, I want to share some new stuffs that I bought recently...
I'm so happy because it was quite a while since I bought some new makeups. LOL!
I was saving money because I will go home on December. so yeah! HAHA :)) Im trying not to spend too much. LOL~
Anyway, here are my new babies~ :3

First package: Dolly Wink =)
I bought 4 false lashes from Dolly Wink (No. 1, 2, 5 &8)
And 1 liquid eyeliner (deep black).

Second package: Melliesh =)
I bought 3 blushes from Melliesh (No. 1, 4 &5)
And 2 lip gloss (No. 2 & 4)

I ordered them at Rakuten (
And guess what the price is cheaper there. :)
Normally, the retail price of Dolly wink lashes & Dolly wink liquid eyeliner here in Japan is 1260yen each.
But they sell it 1000yen each. So I saved, 260yen per item. That's pretty awesome right? :D
And for the Melliesh stuffs, guess what guys!!!! 
Normally, the retail price for Melliesh blush is 1365yen each and for lip gloss is 1260yen each.
But I bought them for 800yen each for blushes and lip gloss. 
So I saved almost 565yen each item!!! cool right??! LOL :))

And lastly, for my Third package! TADAAAA~ :D
I actually didnt ordered them here in Japan. I ordered them in Philippines. =)
There is a online shop in Facebook that selling High end makeups & stuffs named 
GetSophisticated OnlineShop
This is not my first time to purchase some products from them. And recently,
I saw their page and they have this closeout sale going. I guess they're just selling out all their products for the new batch coming soon. 
And the price is SOOOOOOOOO CHEAAAAP!!!! ( Yes. I know thats why it is called sale, but the price is really UNBELIEVABLE!!! )
but take note of this, the products are limited so better buy from them ASAP!!! They ship WORLDWIDE! Yes, you can buy from them even ur not living in the Philippines. =)
Here's the link for their shop :
You better check out their page!!!

And here are the stuffs that I bought from them =)

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette
Too Faced Pixie Pin Ups Palette 
Bare Escentuals All Wrapped Up Collection
2 NYX Jumbo Pencils,
And some Freebies :> 

Bare Escentuals All Wrapped Up Collection - 1000php (Normal price: 1800php)

Too Faced Pixie Pin Ups Palette - 1000php (Normal price: 1600php)

Urban Decay Limited Edition Alice in Wonderland Palette - 2800php (Normal price: 4800php)

NYX Jumbo pencil - 180php each (Normal price: 250php each)

FREEBIES!!!!!!!!! (So generous of them!!!! >.< )

I am so HAPPY with my purchase!!!!!!
I will do a review for some of the products soon~ =)
If you have question, you can comment down below..
I hope you like my post!!
See you on my next blog.

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