Sweetheart Tube by Theclosetboutique.

Hello everyone~!
Time to update again.. :)
I have a lots of things now that I want to share to you guys.
Ill update more often this month so please keep updated! :)
Today, I want to share to you guys what I love to wear most recently..
and this is the SWEETHEART TUBE by Theclosetboutique.

I bought this pretty tubes online.
There selling pretty tubes, skirts, dresses & etc.
Items are made to order or on-hand.
I ordered it when I went to Philippines.
I don't know if they ship worldwide or just inside the Philippines.

Here are the tubes that I bought :)

White tube top - Theclosetbotique
Floral skirt - Zara

Black tube top - Theclosetbotique
Dark floral bandage skirt - closet
Black Lacey blazer - shimamura

Those tubes are very comfortable to wear and they are very good quality.
And guess what the price is VERY CHEAP!
Its 270php per tube so its like USD5 only!!
they have lots of colors & designs that you can pick from. :)
I really really love those tube tops so much!!
Im planning to buy from them again!
If you're interested, you can find them on the links below..


I hope you like my post.
See you on next blog!

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