Review: Geo Big Grang Grang Brown (WHC-244)

Hello everyone~!!!
Today I will be doing a review for my new lens that I got from (

These are the new series of lens from GEO.
I got GEO Big Grang Grang (WHC-244).
The difference between the Grang Grang and the Big one are the size of the lens.
Here's the lens that I got:

Lens info:
Brand: GEO
Type: Big Grang Grang
Color: Brown
Diameter: 15mm
Water Content: 38%
Origin: Korea

Here's my picture wearing the lens..

Now move on to the review..
I would say these lens are AWESOME!!!!
I love how the lens color blends my eye color perfectly!!
Very natural looking and wearable to any occasion! :)
I got the Big one which is 15mm in diameter so it really enlarge my eyes. 
If you are looking for more on natural size of your eyes, go to the regular one which is the Grang Grang (14.2mm diameter). 

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 I had wore these lens for like 4 hours. Its really comfortable to wear like you havent wear anything on your eyes.
However, The lens is very thin! compare to other 15mm DIA lens. So you might probably need a lens drop if you want to wear it for a longer period of time. This one might dry fast than other circle lens.

Im inlove with the color of the lens!!! Like I said earlier, it is very natural looking. It really blends perfectly on my eye color. Wearable to any occasion I would say :)

These lens will definitely give you enlargement on your eyes! Like I said, the diameter is 15mm so it will give you this dolly like effect on your eyes. So if you like enlargement on your eyes, this one is for you :)

I really love this lens!! Actually, these is my new fave lens among the lens I have. It gives you this natural look that can wear anytime you want. Definitely perfect for day & night time. Overall, I really love this lens!!! recommended & definitely MUST HAVE!!! :)

The are hosting a giveaway for these series of lens!!
They are giving away 10 pairs of GEO Grang Grang that means, 10 lucky winner may win these lens!! What are you waiting for??! ENTER NOW!!! *Deadline on March 10*

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I hope you like my post today. 
Feel free to comment down below for any questions :)
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