Dinner @ Trinoma with GFs!!

I enjoyed my dinner night out with my friends last December 28 @ Trinoma..
I had soo much fun meeting them after a year.. ^^.
They are like my SUPER FRIENDS since HS days.. So I decided to meet them while Im in vacation in Philippines.. 

Here's are some of our pictures taken by JAMIE LEE BUSTINERA ( Our cameraman. JOKE ^^v . My "TIBO" FRIEND.)

( Me, Rezzie, Lhuz, & Helen )
( Our Food : Carbonara, Baked Mac, Pizza )
( Meet my SUPER FRIENDS!! )
( Outside of the restaurant. My lovely BF in middle.)

I wasn't able to tell them how happy I am that night, 
they're totally made my day!! I miss them so much!! ^^.

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