Quick & Lazy Makeup.

Yesterday, me and my boyfriend went out to meet the seller of EMET beauty shop to get my orders.
After I got the items, my boyfriend's family invited us to go shopping and eat dinner with them..
I had no time to get myself fix. So, I decided to do this LAZY makeup. LOL =))

Here's my look..

( Tadaa~! And my LAZY makeup! looks so different without contact lenses on! LOL. )

( Oops! cant focus my cam to my face that well.. sorry. )

How to achieve this look? Its super EASY and FAST!

1. Prime your face. (I used Missha BB cream for primer.)
2. Put your foundation. (I used Revlon colorstay foundation in 250 fresh beige.)
3. Define your brows. 
4. Put eyeshadow. 
5. Line your eyes using black eye liner.
6. Curl your lashes and put mascara.
7. Add some blush on your cheeks.
8. Put your red lipstick on your lips.! and ur DONE!!
Hope you like my Lazy Makeup!