Enmaichi~ *Summer Festival*

Hello everyone~^^
I'm so sorry for not posting recently..
I just got so busy -_____-
I was supposed to do a monthly fav. for my next post,
but I decided to post this first :)
And again sorry for posting this soo LATE!!! >.< 
Last month, we went to a festival called ENMAICHI :) 
It is a 3days festival that we celebrate yearly here in Kashiwazaki.. Here's are some of our shots..

My mom & my sister Mhaiko.. on the way to enmaichi~

While walking.. lots of people!!!! >.<

My mom buying BBQ~^^

Hmmmmmm~ nomnomnomnomnom ^^


While waiting for our Yakisoba~

Me: "Hurrrrrrryyyyy~!!! >.<" LOL =))
In front of 7/11 :)

Our friend Erika & Me :)

We really had fun that night!
I really love the FOODS especially! LOL :))
I hope you like my post..
See you on next blog~ <33

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