Review: Aquadoll Short Wig (Casual Mash Bob)

Hello everyone~
Today, I will do a review for my NEW WIG that I bought recently,
And it is called Casual Mash Bob Wig from Aquadoll. =)
I saw them first in Rakuten then I found their official site. (
They sell variety of full wigs and hair extensions :)
The price of the products are way CHEAPER here in AquaDoll than in Prisila.
The full wigs price ranges from 3000yen-5000yen only, 
while for hair extension price ranges from 1000yen-3500yen. =)
I bought mine for 3980yen =)
So here's what the wig that I bought! =)

And here's the selection of the wig color :)
I chose ML for my wig :)

Me! Wearing the wig!! LOL =))
I know the color of the wig was kinda different from the color selection picture.
But the color is same in pics. Its just my Ipad camera is weird. LOL SORRY!!

The quality of the wig is GREAT!!
The hairs are very soft and easy to style!!
You can use hair iron to fix or style it! but remember, you need to maintain the heat temperature of your hair iron to up to 180degree ONLY!!!! you dont want to burn the wig! haha :))

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Everything is awesome about this wig and I really LOVE it~!! <333
I dont know if they ship worldwide but if you are living here in JP, you must check out their site!! :)
So that's it! I hope you like my review~
I will do a review for my another wig and for my hair extension that I also bought from them! So stay tuned for that!!
See you on my next blog~!!

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