Review: Aquadoll Short Wig (Retro Mash Bob)

Hello everyone~
I will be doing another review for my NEW WIG that I bought recently,
And it is called Retro Mash Bob Wig from Aquadoll =)
This wig is very similar to the wig that I also bought from them..
The only differences of the wig are the style of the bangs and the length of the wig.
Here's the look of the wig :)

And here's the available color of the wig.
I chose AB for my wig :)

Me wearing the wig :)
Again the color of the wig is different from the picture.
And yes, it is because of the lightning and the quality picture of my camera.. sorry for that :p

As you can see, the length of the wig is bit shorter than my other wig.
And the cut of the bangs are short and straight.
While my other wig's bangs is pretty long compared to this one..
The quality of the wig are same. :)
It is also easy to fix and style, you can also use hair iron to fix/style for this wig =)

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I love this wig. But for me, I really love the style of my other wig than this one.
So yeah!! LOL =)) You MUST definitely checkout their site!!
(shop link:
I will do a review for my hair extension that I also bought from them for my next blog.
So stay tuned for that! =)
I hope you like my post today.
See you on my next blog!
Have a awesome day ahead =)

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