Review: Aquadoll Straight Hair Extension

Hello everyone~!!
Today I will be reviewing my last product that I purchased from Aquadoll =)
I did my reviews for their wigs last couple of days ago. 
So for today, I will be reviewing my NEW HAIR EXTENSION that I bought from them :)
Here's what it looks like:

Here's the color selection for the hair extension.
Mine are AG :)

(Image source:

Me wearing the Aquadoll Hair Extension :)

The extension is very good. It gives you more volume to your hair and it also looks natural!
The hairs are very soft and it has a great quality!! :) 
You can use hair iron for this hair extension too~
Just dont exceed the heat temperature from 180degree. 
I really love this extension! Very wearable~
You can even use this for everyday. 
And also if you want more volume to your hair, this one is definitely for you!! :)

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I really love this hair extension! and it is very affordable too!! I got mine for 980yen w/o shipping & tax. And it is definitely a great buy! =) 
Please do check out their site!! (
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I hope you like my post!
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See you on my next blog!

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